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Many chronic diseases in humans are linked to chemicals from the diet and environment that interact with and potentially alter biomolecules such as DNA and enzymes.  We study chemical and biochemical processes influencing the toxicity of diet-derived chemicals and develop chemistry-based tools to facilitate such studies.  Thus, our research at the interface of chemistry and biology involves understanding chemical toxicity on the basis of chemical structure and reactivity.  Broad impacts of the knowledge and tools resulting from this work are intended to improve human health and disease prevention strategies.


DNA Adduct Molecular Probes

Synthetic nucleoside probes that recognize DNA alkylation damage are implemented as mechanistic probes and in new damage detection methods. Read More

Biomarkers for precision cancer therapy

Quantifying molecular markers in biological samples and understanding how their alterations impact drug efficacy and safety. Read More

Safety of Nanosized Mineral Supplements

Safety of Nanosized Mineral Supplements

Iron nanoparticles may have desirable properties in food, but are they safe? Read More

Role of Gut Microbiota in Chemical Toxicity

Discovering chemical transformations catalyzed by gut microbiota that alter toxicity. Read More

Systems Toxicology

Leveraging high-content in vitro data to predict chemical mixture toxicity. Read More

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